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TDB Boneless Veal Mince (1kg)

Boneless Mince

A minced mixture of low fat ingredients: prime veal chunks which have been butchered on our own premises, This veal is aged up to 12 months. not crate kept. The ratio is 100% meat, no bone.


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Boneless Veal minced from either dairy calves or calves up to 12 months old ( rose veal) Not crate kept calves. We buy our veal from local abattoirs on the bone and butcher it ourselves. We use quality prime cuts in our minces and not offcuts.
Typical analysis 100g
Calories 107.6 per 100g
Moisture 75.1%
Protein 20.6%
Fat 2.8%
Ash 1.3%
Fibre 0.2%


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