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Slow Feeder Bowl (Round)

Introducing our Slow Feeder bowl for Dogs, a perfect solution for your furry friend’s feeding time. Designed to encourage slower eating habits


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Slow Feeder Bowl (Round)

Product Overview: Introducing our Slow Feeder Bowl for Dogs, a perfect solution for your furry friend’s feeding time. Designed to encourage slower eating habits, this mat is available in a variety of vibrant colours to suit any style or preference. Not only does it promote healthier digestion, but it also adds a fun and engaging element to your dog’s mealtime.

Design and Features: This Bowl is crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring safety and durability. The bowl features a unique, intricate pattern of ridges and valleys that effectively slows down your dog’s eating pace. By making them work a bit harder to access their food, it turns every meal into an enjoyable challenge, preventing gulping and promoting mindful eating habits.

Health Benefits: The Slow Feeder Bowl is more than just a colourful addition to your pet’s collection. It provides several key health benefits:

  • Improved Digestion: Slower eating helps reduce the risk of bloat, regurgitation, and obesity.

  • Mental Stimulation: The challenging design stimulates your dog’s brain, making mealtime an enriching activity.

  • Portion Control: Encourages better portion control, aiding in weight management..

Easy to Clean: Our bowls are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. The sturdy construction ensures that they maintain their shape and vibrant colour, wash after wash.

Perfect for All Breeds and Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to accommodate all breeds, from small puppies to large adult dogs. Whether you have a petite Pomeranian or a hefty Great Dane, our Treat Bowl is designed to suit your needs.

Customer Reviews: Pet parents love our Slow Feeders for their durability, effectiveness, and fun designs. Many have noted improvements in their dog’s eating habits and overall digestion.

Enhance your dog’s mealtime experience with our Slow Feeder Treat Bowl. Order now and choose the perfect colour to match your pet’s personality and your home décor!


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