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Birmingham Raw Lamb Ribs approx (1 kg)

Birmingham Raw Pet Food

Introducing lamb ribs for dogs: a delicious and nutritious snack bursting with flavour and essential nutrients. Perfect for promoting muscle growth, dental health, and overall well-being. Treat your furry friend to the goodness of lamb ribs and watch them thrive with every bite.


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Introducing raw lamb ribs for dogs. A delectable and nutritious treat tailored to satisfy your pet's taste buds and dietary needs. Bursting with flavour and packed with essential nutrients. Lamb ribs offer a natural and wholesome snack option that can contribute to your dog's overall health and well-being.

At our company, we prioritise the well-being of your furry companions. That's why our lamb ribs are carefully sourced and selected to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Each rib is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Thus providing a balanced nutritional profile suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Feeding lamb ribs to your dog offers numerous health benefits. They are a natural source of protein, essential for muscle development, growth, and overall vitality. Additionally, the chewing action required to eat lamb ribs promotes dental health. Reducing plaque and tartar buildup, supporting healthy teeth and gums.

Our lamb ribs are easy and convenient to prepare. Simply thaw them in the refrigerator overnight and offer them to your dog as a tasty snack or meal supplement. They can be served whole or cut into smaller pieces, depending on your dog's size and chewing preferences.

Switching to lamb ribs as part of your dog's diet provides variety and enrichment, offering a different texture and flavour compared to traditional dog food. Plus, the natural chewing action helps satisfy your dog's instinctual urge to chew, keeping them mentally stimulated and satisfied.

Make the switch to raw lamb ribs for dogs today and experience the difference it can make in your pet's health and happiness. With our high-quality and nutritious ribs, you can feel confident knowing that you're providing your dog with a delicious and beneficial treat that they'll love. Treat your furry friend to the goodness of lamb ribs and watch them thrive with every bite.

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