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When we bought our puppy a year ago we researched what type of diet we was going to put him on. We knew we didn’t want the processed high sugar stuff so we dropped into K9 Catering for some advice. They were amazing, very helpful and informative and didn’t rush us taking all the time needed to help us understand the benefits of a raw diet. They are so enthusiastic and know their stuff and we decided to go with this diet and K9 Catering as we really felt welcome and they were so helpful. We took out puppy there the day we picked him up and gradually weaned him onto a raw food diet with them helping us every step of the way. It was the best thing we did. Sometimes he is fussy but there is such a wide choice of brands and products which is ideal. I am always telling people about this company when we discuss food choices. 1 year in we have a health happy doggy who loves his raw meat and natural treats. Thanks K9 Catering.